Spring Workshop Series
Advocacy for Special Needs Children
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Understanding and Helping the Child with Learning Differences
So often parents feel bewildered when their child or teenager has a learning difference.  Navigating through the complex maze of Special Education procedures and understanding what your child needs to be independent and confident are only two of the many issues facing todays parents. In this series of fall workshops, I look forward to providing parents with information to better understand their child’s challenges in relation to their everyday lives.  Please join me to learn about advocacy, and useful strategies that have proven successful in our work here at the Morgan Center.
Understanding and Helping the Child with Learning Differences
It can be very difficult to know if a child’s behavior is related to their disability or is developmentally typical. This workshop will provide parents with information on:
    • Understanding how a disability changes as children mature
    • Helping their children behaviorally through a proactive approach that builds confidence.
    • The one and only academic strategy you will ever need
Parent Advocacy Training
If your child or teenager has a disability that significantly impacts them at school, he or she may be entitled to accommodations from the public school system.  However, obtaining accommodations for your child can often be complicated. This workshop will include information on:
    • Identifying specific areas of need for your child
    • Creating effective talking points for referral and eligibility meetings
    • Developing an Individual Education Plan aligned with county benchmarks
    • Parent/Student rights:  Administrative Hearing or Department of Education Complaint?
    • Collaborating effectively with the School Administration

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
    • Identifying your child’s specific areas of need for IEP Development
    • Developing Social Learning
    • Executive Functioning: ADHD or Autism?
    • Evidence based strategies that develop social learning and executive function skills
For cost of workshops and more information please contact our office at (703) 467-9036.
Class space is limited to eight so reserve your space early!
Dr. Goldberg received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from George Washington University where she lectured for several years before developing the Morgan Center. Dr. Goldberg has coauthored articles in Developmental Psychology and conducted research on children and adolescents with learning disabilities. She has presented at the Post-secondary Learning Disability Conference, and CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactive Disorders) Dr.Goldberg has spent the last fifteen years as Director of the Morgan Center, incorporating a Developmental approach for the treatment of children with special needs.  In the last several years, Dr. Goldberg has created several specialized workshops and programs to build parents knowledge base regarding evidence based assessment and treatment and advocacy for children with special needs an education of parents on advocacy that focuses on IEP alignment with county educational benchmarks.
Please contact Colleen at [email protected] for more information or to sign up!

"You have helped me navigate and have thought of all the different types of services available to benefit my child that I would have never thought of or known."

-Jacqueline, parent

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